Legacies – Spoiler Review So Far (Part 2)

FFG released another article with some exciting spoilers, so it’s review time again!  As before, we are going to use the rating system detailed below.  If you didn’t see our previous review, please give it a look.

Rating Meaning
5 Great card. Meta-defining; one that features in every deck that can use it, or is a character that you will regularly see in the top tournament teams.
4 Good card. It’ll feature in a lot of decks that can use it, or it will be a build-around card/character.
3 Useful card. It’ll appear in a decent number of decks.
2 Situational. Might be useful in certain decks.
1 Nearly unplayable.  This card is unlikely to ever see play.

Tim: It’s Maul!  He’s got two decent damage sides, decent health, and a spiteful ability.  For his points cost, I think he is very good.  Pair him with someone like Seventh Sister and I think you’d have a pretty solid mono-blue villains team.  His ability is such that you probably want to wait for your opponent to have at least one dice in the pool before activating Maul, but a ‘free’ bit of removal is nothing to be sniffed at.  4/5

Jaydee: So it’s time to make my first ever villain deck, woohoo! Money will not matter when I build my deck around Maul; he’s my favourite character in the entire Star Wars universe! And that damage, oh wait, that ability, oh wait, that artwork, oh wait, that health! Oh hell, everything on this card shouts out, AWESOME! On a more serious note though, it is awesome. Loving the point costs on the new characters I’ve seen spoiled. Eleven health for 12/16 character, you get the idea, I’m a little excited.  5/5

Tim: The first thing that strikes you about this card is just how much damage it has showing; someone is going to get hurt!  The power action is an interesting one.  Against some teams it will be hard to be able to use, then you have the problem of this dice being mostly modified damage, but I’m not convinced that’s a massive hurdle to jump.  With cards like Lightsaber Pull and Lightsaber Training existing, I can see this making it’s way into most melee decks that can run it, even as a one-of.  4/5

Jaydee: Ok, if my excitement wasn’t apparent on my previous paragraph, OMG OMG OMG look at that damage.  This saber is terrifying at first glance alone.  A closer look and that power action (let’s all thank god for those nowadays) is insane! This lightsaber is good alone on Maul, but if you have another melee character with him make sure you roll him in first to try and get the big hit before Maul even activates. Which is nice.  4/5

Tim: Damage and money, that’s what Sidious is all about!  At 20pts for the elite version, he’s definitely going to be the focus of any deck he’s in.  A mixed damage partner (such as Tusken Raider, or perhaps better, Veteran Stormtrooper) will help you get the most out of his power action.  Speaking of discounted event shenanigans, General Hux may have got the ball rolling, but Palpatine is going to take it to a new level.  Really looking forward to this card.  5/5

Jaydee: So good ol’ Emperor is back for some horrific damage sides; like the last one wasn’t scary enough. This new artwork is brilliant by the way, love his shoulder pads; very Spandau Ballet (now you will have Gold in your mind all day).  His power action is awesome for some shenanigans, which is always fun to perform and, to be honest, play against. I think this card will see more play than the last one due to his awesome damage die.  5/5

Tim: This is a crapper version of My Ally Is The Force, but since that’s a hero-only card, it’s perhaps not a fair comparison.  I think that Double Strike will be good in the right deck (new Palpatine or Darth Vader Sith Lord maybe?), but it seems expensive compared to something like Lightsaber Throw.  If another character is released with an ability like the original Palpatine (where it does something when you resolve their dice), it may find a home.  2/5

Jaydee: This is a scary one to be used alongside Palpatine, or any big hitter as a matter of fact. Once again FFG do a great job with that artwork. This card is for sure going into my Maul deck as of right now.  3/5

Tim: Three resources is a lot for an event, and having the added restriction of needing an already exhausted character is a bit limiting, but exhausting a character is big.  Look at Noble Sacrifice as an example of what it normally costs to exhaust a character; you have to kill one of yours!  New Palpatine is going to love this, as well as any deck that can generate resources easily.  I like it.  3/5

Jaydee: Tricky, tricky. This will be the bane of some people for sure.  I can see the resource-heavy decks finding a way to use it, some of the dice control villains have is scary; I’m looking at you Prized Possession 3/5

Tim: No blanks!  This may not be the version of Yoda that people have been clamouring for (the one that Palpatine throws the senate at), but he’s been worth the wait.  He is a great support character, with a very useful special ability.  With even just one die at 10pts, he seems a good choice to slot into decks.  He could work well with Qui-Gon Jinn, or feature as part of a General Rieekan mill deck.  Those are just two possibilities off the top of my head.  Great card, going to be highly sought-after.  5/5

Jaydee: And just when I was coming down from my Maul high, boom!  YODA!  Everyone’s favourite gremlin on meth is here to play.  I’m sure later down the line we will be seen a fighting Master Yoda.  After all, his combat is (as amusing as it looks) incredibly lethal. This great support character is surely to see a lot of play, with his two focus alone he is cool, but when you look closer and realize he has two specials and no blank sides, oh yeah he is getting played! He will surely fit perfectly alongside new Rey and I’m looking forward to trying him out.  4/5

Tim: I think that this card would be underwhelming in a mill deck, let alone a regular deck.  For two resources, it’s competing for a place in your deck with lots of other good cards, and in a mill deck you’ll likely want to play upgrades like Maz’s Goggles or Scout, both of which are more useful (in my opinion).  I do not like this card at all.  1/5

Jaydee: Ugh, this is the kinda of card I’m not a fan of. Mill guys on the other hand are probably looking at this with the same facial expression Luke is depicted on it; that’s right I went there. Nasty couple of specials and all useful sides at a cheap price gives this card a good chance to see daylight.  2/5

Tim: Cheap, with good damage sides, a decent amount of health and a special ability that can be useful.  I think she’ll see a lot of play because at 12pts elite she can slot into a lot of decks.  Very solid filler character.  3/5

Jaydee: I know what you thinking, so that’s the name of the Jedi that gets gang shot after Order 66 is given.  Yep, it doesn’t end well for her, but that’s only in the movies, and with a dice like that and cheap cost Aayla is gonna get some action (not gang shooting). This Twi’lek’s damage die is incredible at such a great point cost, and that ability is a great companion booster with a perfect side of dice control.  4/5

Tim: I think that this card is a trap.  Your first thought might be to put this in a Qui-Gon Jinn deck, but it’s not very often that you actually have Qui-Gon on max shields, since you are pinging your opponent for damage rather than taking the shield.  This might change with the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber, and with cards like Riposte I guess it could be good, but only in the right deck.  2/5

Jaydee: So Rey and Qui-Gon are looking at this and thinking, hmm…I could do with a few more shields. The next set seems have shields coming out of the wazoo. As a Rey and Qui-Gon player I’m sure as heck looking at this as a good addition to my collection.  3/5

Tim: Shields are good now, okay?  (At least until everyone remembers to use their other anti-shield tech).  Ataru Strike gives you the potential to land some big hits.  Qui-Gon Jinn, the new Obi-Wan, and the new Rey will all probably have this as an auto-include.  4/5

Jaydee: And here is another one, this is definitely a must in a shield deck.  That artwork again, awesome! But the possibilities with this in hand is fantastic. Cheap to play to boot! Sign me up!  DAMN YOU FFG TAKE MY MONEY!  3/5

Tim: Shields for damage, and now shields for money!  This seems better than the villain equivalent, Enrage, because you’re not technically damaging your character, and also because it doesn’t have to be a blue character.  This could also be used on the first turn if you aren’t using your battlefield, paving the way for a three-cost upgrade or support into play early.  Good card, which along with cards like Reaping the Crystal will open up options in the right deck.  4/5

Jaydee: A zero cost that in a shield deck means always been able to gain a resource pretty much on demand is a nice touch. I can already see this getting me out of a jam.  2/5

Tim: This set of previews has some really good cards in it, and has got us pumped for Legacies!  No doubt, there will be some more spoilers soon, and rest assured, we’ll give our inexpert opinions of them promptly.

Jaydee: So everyone get your notepads and pens, and start writing to Santa for your Legacies wishes this coming holiday season!

Until next time!


Tim & Jaydee

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