Legacies – Spoiler Review So Far

There have been a lot of spoilers for Legacies, so we decided to take a look at them, give our opinions, then give them a rating.  The fun thing about rating the cards is to look back at the ratings a few months after the set has been released and see how wrong we were!

We are going to rate each card out of five, using the system below.  We each did our reviews of each card independently, so were unaware of how we’d rated them until we were editing this article.

Rating Meaning
5 Great card. Meta-defining; one that features in every deck that can use it, or is a character that you will regularly see in the top tournament teams.
4 Good card. It’ll feature in a lot of decks that can use it, or it will be a build-around card/character.
3 Useful card. It’ll appear in a decent number of decks.
2 Situational. Might be useful in certain decks.
1 Nearly unplayable.  This card is unlikely to ever see play.

The first set of spoilers that we are going to review are from FFG’s article, Legacies.

Tim: She has a mix of die faces, no two the same, making her somewhat unfocused. Her abilities are probably why you would be using her; making droids cheaper and also some indirect damage shenanigans. For fourteen points at elite, she’s likely going to be used as a supporting character in droid-themed teams.  3/5

Jaydee: The doctor is in…this gal seems like a little crazy to play, her die is a little random with that discard and shield sides. Her ability is kinda cool but I personally can’t see it in use as of now. Solid health total and a little too costly in points, I see her on the Luminara side of things.  Maybe if they’d had her as a Kanan type support would’ve helped her see more play, but I’m sure mad scientists out there will use her in great ways. 3/5

Tim: This guy can dish out a lot of damage for a small investment.  Every time you activate it, both players are going to take one indirect damage, which adds a timer to how long games will last.  I think that BT-1 will see play in any villain deck that can use it, and definitely in Doctor Aphra decks.  4/5

Jaydee: Now that’s a damage die…and definitely he doesn’t scream play me with Aphra. Awesome costing support that I can see been played a LOT. Not much to say about the aggro hungry BT-1 apart from ouch! He will be causing damage. 4/5

Tim: Three resources and you have to deal yourself a point of damage to save paying a few more resources on a support?  I think that there needs to be more high-cost supports than currently exists for this to see a lot of play.  2/5

Jaydee: She is on the artwork and it sounds just up her street. Seems like this card will see quite a bit of vehicle/droid deck gameplay. Would say the cost is high, but when it can help you get expensive cards out for just 1 damage it seems like something that will be used a fair bit. 3/5

Tim: Two high damage sides and a couple of shield sides, along with a decent activation ability.  He is a pretty solid character, but at 19pts elite, it’ll be difficult to find a decent four-dice team for him to go in.  3/5

Jaydee:  And here is perfection as a card, it’s synergy is evident the second you read it and it’s point cost is fantastic. Health is crazy and his dice are simply awesome. I haven’t been this excited about a card in a long time. His ability makes him a great support too as well as someone to build a deck around. 5/5

Tim: Decent damage sides, two good shield sides, and a potentially great special ability.  Qui-Gon Jinn in particular is going to love this weapon.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this being one of the most sought-after cards in Legacies.  5/5

Jaydee: Hello new lightsaber, here is our Ancient Lightsaber of the set. This will be very chased after in the set. Perfect combination to dual wield alongside Shoto or Rey’s. Blue character only doesn’t really hurt it and its cost is justified as Reaping the Crystal or It Binds all Things do help force users get upgrades out fast. 5/5

Tim: His die faces are not the best, but when put in a team with vehicles (which is obviously the intention) he should be useful.  His power action is a better version of General Veers’ ability.  I can see Wedge being a one-die character in vehicle teams (along with elite Hera and a Rookie Pilot), but not much else.  3/5

Jaydee: That guy! The pilot we all remember….that don’t know why but he sticks out. No different here, Wedge’s points are just right and his dice is a lotta fun for a good ol’ supportive kinda guy….but hey that ability, Power Action thank god right? Vehicles welcome attitude is still on full force, and the combos this guy will make with last expansion look like a lotta fun. 4/5

Tim: Half of its faces are high damage sides.  For three resources, it seems pretty good, especially when in a deck with Wedge Antilles.  Its drawback isn’t really that big of a problem, because if you’ve resolved it three times you’ve probably had your money’s worth already (or you could use it in a deck with Hera, who completely bypasses the downside).  3/5

Jaydee: Woah, easy there indirect damage, you’re getting kinda scary, this support is gonna make a huge dent against any deck. They tried to make it sound not OP by giving it a 3 dmg span…hehe, Hera laughs at this! This card will see a lot of vehicle deck action, once again vehicles getting a lotta love….and I’ll definitely be using this bad boy. 5/5

Tim: I really don’t see this being very useful, even if indirect damage becomes a thing.  If you were playing Docking Bay as your battlefield, then this card could be a good meta call against indirect damage, but it’s a bit tenuous.  1/5

Jaydee: Talking about tanks, this is definitely a good life saver, also incredibly cheap for pretty much 3 shields. With all the Indirect Damage FFG is sticking in the set this will see some gameplay for sure. 3/5

Tim: An extra starting resource is pretty juicy, but for three character points?  Not sure if you’d just be better off spending those points on an extra character dice/better character.  I’m not willing to write it off just yet though.  2/5

Jaydee: Yep this is a great plot card that i’ll be using quite a bit. Extra resource to start? Yes please! Good way to make any character Lando3/5

Tim: I think that even mill decks won’t want to use this, but I could be wrong.  Might see play in some kind of discard pile recursion deck, but with the recent rule change about being able to discard to rereoll zero dice, probably not worth it.  1/5

Jaydee: These sound like a great idea for them random points sometimes we gotta waste. This one is surely to be in any mill deck for sure. Or maybe even in a Sabine deck for a stab at getting a good upgrade out early in the game. 2/5

Tim: Solid character with decent damage sides.  The special has the potential to do a lot more than two damage.  I can see Boba Fett being the go-to yellow villain aggro character, possibly partnering with Captain Phasma (particularly with her recent points cost increase).  4/5

Jaydee: No-one messes with the Fett Man!  Yes the Fett Man is finally here, he took the long way round to the party, letting his dad have the initial fun. But he is a powerhouse himself; the Fett Man’s die is awesome and his special is a terrifying sight to big hitters such as Mace or Vader, who will think twice about activating their dice when the Fett Man is around. Great value for points, awesome health and easy to get hold of means the Fett Man will see a lot…LOT of play. Wonder if I can get the word Fett in this paragraph anymore? 5/5

Tim: Solid character for 9pts; decent damage sides and a resource side.  This is going to be a great filler character.  3/5

Jaydee: Definitely will be seen a lot of play with his perfect point cost and health, once again a card with 2 blanks that can be forgiven for its great sides. 3/5

Tim: With three damage sides and a very good power action, I think this version of Luke will see a lot of play.  At 14pts elite, he’ll be able to partner up quite well.  All in all, a really good character.  5/5

Jaydee: Pyjama Luke is gonna be great fun to play, once again at first glance his dice seem average, but his Power Action makes him incredibly playable for aggro decks. Cheap points cost for a 11 health points character is welcomed to the heroes side, giving them more character combos to create decks with. 4/5

Tim: With reasonable damage and resource sides, along with a good on-activation ability, this version of Han will see a decent amount of play, particularly since you can pair him with Chewbacca (both elite).  4/5

Jaydee: HAAAAAN SOLO! Maybe it’s just me but this is very much an improved character. it’s points cost means he will see much more gameplay that his last iteration, his ability is a nice bit of dice control and those resource die sides are welcomed. 3/5

The next set of spoilers are from FFG’s article, Your First Steps.

Tim: Three decent damage sides and a very useful power action, I think this is a good card.  With the power action, you could reroll its own die to try and get a damage roll, then remove an opponent’s die.  I think most yellow villain decks will try and find a way to put at least one copy of this into their deck. 4/5

Jaydee: Talk about a versatile support…that ability is awesome. The damage sides are great and…well it’s Slave 1! Standing at a cheap 3 cost makes it easy to access and gives it that (I’ll stick one in my deck just in case) feel. With it’s dice control ability giving it that extra kick the Slave 1 will see a lot of play in this day and age of Star Wars Destiny welcome to vehicle decks days. 3/5

Tim: These are capable of a decent amount of damage, but its costly.  The yellow character only restriction a minor strike against it.  Not a bad weapon, but definitely not high on my list of ones to include in a deck. 2/5

Jaydee: At a first glance this card seem like it was made in heaven, but closer look and it’s a little bit of a gamble card. Yes its special is great, but I think this could have done with a little less on it and cheaper cost. It still a great upgrade for mid-game situations and that 4 Indirect damage side is scary as hell that I see this been used a lot in the first days of the set. 3/5

Tim: We’ve already seen two red cards with a high amount of indirect damage on them, Wedge and Resistance Bomber, so this can result in quite a decent amount of damage.  Similar to Lightsaber Training, it will be great in the right deck, but terrible in others.  3/5

Jaydee:  I see this been used in vehicle decks a bit, first thing that came up for me was how good it would be with new vehicles and Hera. It’s a promising card that we will surely need to see what other vehicles are coming out to see how useful it will become. 3/5

Tim: I love cards like Cannon Fodder and Heroism, and this is a better version of both of those since you can spread the damage around however you like.  With this costing zero resources and being neutral, I’d be surprised not to see it in a lot of red decks going forward.  5/5

Jaydee: Okay this one is a risky one, but useful none the less for a deck where a tank is involved, good way of keeping big hitters at bay. It’s cost make it interesting that’s for sure. 3/5

Tim: In decks that claim quickly, this could be useful, but I think that there are better battlefields out there.  2/5

Jaydee: Good standard BG, nothing too fancy and a nice way to keep your opponent slightly in check. 2/5

Tim: While the special is quite useful, I don’t think it is good enough for two resources.  I think it could be useful in a Grand Inquisitor deck, but that’s probably it.  2/5

Jaydee: Woah talk about deck filler, this is a nice upgrade. But I don’t think it’ll see much play due to it’s incredibly average die and ability. Cost is good so maybe some people will live by it. 2/5

Tim: Three unmodified damage sides that don’t have a resource cost?  Very nice! The redeploy ability when played on a blue character makes it even more tempting.  I think this card will see a lot of play, particularly when cards like Lightsaber Pull and Lightsaber Training exist.  4/5

Jaydee: Woah…they just love their lightsabers.  ”Cut through bone like butter”- Brick Vader (if you haven’t seen this online video…go educate yourself after you finish this article!!) Anyways…seriously this thing is a monster! The 3 cost is nothing for what you get, looking at Padawan lightsaber deck as my main right now! And then again attached to new Rey this can’t really go wrong. 4/5

Tim: This version doesn’t have the event recursion of the other one, but it’s one resource cheaper, and has arguably a better ability (it’s basically a mirror of Lead by Example).  It will definitely be used in vehicle decks, and may find its way into a few others as well.  3/5

Jaydee: Its dice is a little terrifying, and it’s sure to make any vehicle deck. Can see this support even making it to aggro decks due to it’s ability, and i love the new Indirect Damage mechanic…they have tried to make it a little less scary by giving the choice of where it goes, but let’s be honest, when you have 4 damage to spread around…it just as scary as direct damage. That and solo decks will stay clear of it. 4/5

Tim: This could be useful in a deck with mixed damage sides, or mixed sides in general, but All In is probably more useful in those kinds of decks.  Might see some play with Han Solo, Scoundrel, just because of the ambush.  2/5

Jaydee: Now this looks fun for aggro, its 0 cost make this a must play for any speed deck in mind, pretty much gives you turns for free. I’ll be sure to exploit…I mean use it to its full effect. Oh, and it’s got the Chew Chew on the cover! 3/5

Tim: Extra resources for both sides is kinda risky, but if you’ve got a deck full of expensive toys then it may be worth it.  It being unique is another drawback, but I think in the right deck it will be handy.  2/5

Jaydee: Hmm…tricky card.  Is it worth it or not? At a glance to me, villain decks seem to benefit from having more resources than hero decks (I’m looking at you Unkar and Thrawn!).  Maybe it’s worth the risk to play…but I think i’ll be leaving out of my decks. 1/5

Tim: Very similar to Moisture Farm, but this draws you a card as well. This gets you resources and helps you draw through your deck a bit quicker (useful if you’re looking for specific cards, not so helpful against mill).  I’d certainly consider using it in my MagnaGuard deck, as it’d help me pay for and find Endless Ranks.  2/5

Jaydee: On the other hand this is a great BG that I think i’ll be trying out a lot. Aggro decks speed up for next round. 3/5

The next set of spoilers are from The Jedi Trials Podcast.

Tim: Reasonable sides for her cost, but her ability can’t be relied upon without playing some cards of questionable value, such as Pulling the Strings. Even so, she will probably be a good character to use if you have 12pts spare and want access to blue. 3/5

Jaydee: Once again villains get another fun character to mess around with, this character will definitely see a lot of use. Her ability will make her a little gem either at either one die or two. Damage and focus sides are always welcome to a versatile deck.  3/5

Tim: Cheap upgrade with a couple of focus sides, but a lackluster ability.  This card seems even worse when compared to Dark Counsel.  Could be useful in a The Power of the Force deck.  2/5

Jaydee: Better get training with the force, Thrawn. Another good looking combo card with its nice sides and cheap cost. Lots of focus and lots of resources sides for cheap! Sounds useful to me. 3/5

Tim: I honestly think that this card is virtually unplayable.  It relies on too much just to inflict a single point of damage.  Cool artwork though.  1/5

Jaydee: Another meh card, it’s a nice gamble support and it’s cheap cost means it should see some gameplay for resource making decks and those soulless mill players. 1/5

The final set of spoilers are from the Three Man Meta Podcast.

Tim: Yes!  I’ve been hoping that they’d introduce these guys to Destiny.  Six points for six health is right on track, four damage sides, and two blanks. The ability is icing on the cake, giving you a chance of activating multiple Battle Droids at once.  I think these are very efficient for their points cost, similar to First Order Stormtrooper, only downside is that it doesn’t have any resource sides, but with cards like Aftermath and Drudge Work, it shouldn’t be a problem.  4/5

Jaydee: Roger, Roger! Finally they have arrived.  Cheap as hell swarming damage dealer. These guys just might be the MagnaGuard crazy type OP fun of this new set. Can’t wait to see the aggro combos people can come up with. The 2 blanks can be forgiven for the other sides that will make the ability a hit…60% of the time it’ll work every time! 3/5

Tim: When you first read this card, it’s difficult not to get excited about adding a character to your lineup.  Once you calm down a bit, you’ll realise that apart from its special ability, it’s pretty mediocre.  The special is what you will really be using it for, and for a total of four resources (or three if you keep recurring it via Docking Bay), adding a Battle Droid to the field isn’t too bad, but it will only be good in very specific decks.  2/5

Jaydee: Following on the discard from play once used change(very welcomed addition…I’m looking at you Imperial Inspection!) A great support that allows you to violate the character points cost with it’s Special Ability and has a pretty good overall die. Battle Droids with shields anyone? Yep I think so. 3/5

Tim: Four or five wide character decks are going to love this card.  I think teams with less than four characters it won’t be good value for two resources.  3/5

Jaydee: Another non unique deck card, sounds pretty good and I’m sure it will be used deviously later in the set, specially now with Battle Droids around. Not much to say about the previous two cards apart from they sound useful at best. 2/5

Tim: This is similar to Reckless Reentry, but for non-unique characters.  Personally, I’m not convinced that this will be very useful; you’d probably be better off playing Training.  1/5

Jaydee: Pleb card! This will be incredibly useful Mr Magnaguard and Veteran ST. If i’m understating it’s functionality it’s kind of a must have for non-unique character decks. 2/5

So that’s our ratings for the cards spoiled so far. As you can see, we differ in opinion on a lot of the cards, so it’ll be interesting to see how our predictions pan out.

We’ll be doing more of these articles as the spoilers roll out.


Tim & Jaydee

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