Deck Development – Hulk & Friends

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Deck Development article.  That’s mostly because I’ve been so busy playing games for our Showdown Series that it hasn’t left much time for experimentation.  Back in August when I was kindly invited onto the Alter-Egos Podcast (great podcast, you should check them out if you don’t already!) to take part in a Hulk pack review, I mentioned that I would revisit the green guy once the Ant-Man pack was released.  Well, that time has come! Continue reading

Showdown #6 – Klaw

Klaw is the third villain that we will be facing this season.  A veteran from the core set, Klaw is probably one of the best-designed scenarios in the game so far, with a good mix of attacking and scheming.  To add to this, we replaced the default encounter module (Masters of Evil) with a new one from the Kang pack, Anachronauts.  This would be a challenging set full of powerful minions, so this is all set to be a tough fight! Continue reading