Best Cards of 2020

[Tim] James approached me with an idea for an article and I thought it sounded good, so here it is!  James takes the lead on this one and I only chip in where needed.  With that being said, I’ll let him get on with it!

[James] Best of/Top X lists are pretty popular across a wide range of mediums and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at what 2020 brought to Marvel Champions. You would have had to be living under one hell of a rock to miss how chaotic the year was, which unfortunately lead to dry spells and uncertainty content wise. Despite that we still got a good range of new cards and products. Our goal here is to list the top 3 cards of each aspect, and also offer an honourable mention. We are also going to be choosing our favourite new Hero and Scenario too. Continue reading

Showdown #9 – Red Skull

We’re going from one end of the difficulty scale to the other, as we go from facing Rhino to taking on Red Skull.  A lot of people have only played against him as the last part of The Rise of Red Skull campaign, complete with campaign allies and upgrades.  He’s definitely a lot tougher as a standalone villain.  But just how tough?  Let’s find out! Continue reading