Tournament Report – Locals (Q4 Kit)

Even though the new Rules Reference update doesn’t go into effect until the day after this tournament, we decided to go ahead and implement it anyway.  The changes affected a lot of the top-tier villain teams the most, so it’d be interesting to see what players showed up with. Continue reading

Legacies – Spoiler Review So Far

There have been a lot of spoilers for Legacies, so we decided to take a look at them, give our opinions, then give them a rating.  The fun thing about rating the cards is to look back at the ratings a few months after the set has been released and see how wrong we were! Continue reading

Tournament Report – Locals (Q3 Kit)

I decided to go with a slightly unusual team for this tournament at Comic Culture & The Games Store (Lincoln, UK), as I’d already got the alt-art Finn and shield tokens from previous events, and also because I fancied using something different.

Unfortunately, due to other comittments, Jaydee was not able to attend this tournament, so it’ll just be a solo report this time. Continue reading

Prized Possession & Detention Center – How To Play Around Them

If you’ve played against Thrawn/Unkar recently, you’ve probably encountered these cards in tandem.  If you weren’t too aware of these cards before facing them across the table, there is a fair chance that they caught you off-guard.  I’ve personally seen several people get extremely tilted by the experience, with cries of “that’s broken!” or “that’s too strong!” not uncommon.

So how do you prepare yourself against this potent duo?  Let’s start by understanding the cards themselves. Continue reading

Australian Nationals 2017 – Tournament Data & Analysis

The Australian Nationals were last weekend and they would be one of the first big tournaments after the release of Empire At War (Polish, Spanish and Nordic Nationals were also taking place last weekend).

They had a total of 99 players in attendance.  In this article we have the full standings of the tournament and top 8 decklists, as well as some brief analysis of the information.  Thanks go to General Games for providing me with the information! Continue reading