Showdown #9 – Red Skull

We’re going from one end of the difficulty scale to the other, as we go from facing Rhino to taking on Red Skull.  A lot of people have only played against him as the last part of The Rise of Red Skull campaign, complete with campaign allies and upgrades.  He’s definitely a lot tougher as a standalone villain.  But just how tough?  Let’s find out! Continue reading

Showdown #8 – Rhino

Welcome to the start of season 2 of our Showdown series!  We start each season with a low tier villain and this time it’s Rhino.  To make him a bit more of a challenge we’ve decided to replace the default module, Bomb Scare, with a tougher one, Running Interference.  Tombstone is a beefy minion, but cards like All Tied Up and Media Coverage can be quite oppressive.  Should be fun! Continue reading

Marvel Champions – Article #50

As the title suggests, this is our 50th article covering Marvel Champions!  Nearly seven months ago I decided to get back into writing about some of the games I play, this time for Marvel Champions, by beginning with a Doctor Strange Leadership deck (really pushing the boat out, I know!).  This was very quickly followed by a Thor Justice deck and at that point I decided that I enjoyed writing again.  In this article I am going to take the time to reflect on Marvel Champions and our articles so far. Continue reading