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Welcome to our Marvel Champions content!  You can use this page to help navigate all of the articles we have published so far.

Card Reviews [link]

As the title implies, in this section we review cards, which most of the time will involve giving the card a rating out of five.  We think that this will give everyone a good opportunity to argue with us in the comments section (which we thoroughly encourage by the way, as we’re humble enough to admit when we’re wrong).

Character Focus [link]

In this series of articles we take a look at heroes and their cards, then offer some overall analysis.  We also test heroes out with different aspects to see how they perform.

Deck Development [link]

This series is all about specific deck ideas that we have, then testing them out to see if they work.  Articles are often a lot of trial and error, with a deck developing along the way, to hopefully end up with something that is fun and effective.  

MAXIMUM [link]

This series is all about two-player games where both players use the same aspect.  It has the additional limitation that decks must be built from a collection that consists of only one copy of each released product.  We play against a variety of villains in each article, sometimes making changes to our decks as we go along.  Overall, this series is just a bit of fun, but also to see if doubling up on the same aspect can be good.

Showdown [link]

In the Showdown series we play against specific villains and use decks specifically designed to defeat them.  We give reasons for our choices and give feedback on our results, sometimes making suggestions on how to improve our chances of winning.  The whole series is done in the spirit of friendly competition between two writers, each competing to see who can squeeze out the most wins.

Spoiler Talk [link]

Exactly what it sounds like; in this series we give our initial thoughts about newly-revealed cards from FFG.  These will undoubtedly be a good source of amusement for us later on, as we look back at what we thought about cards and are proven incorrect six months later!

Villain Focus [link]

In this series we have a closer look at each villain; their character cards, schemes, and encounter decks.  We also discuss their recommended encounter modules and finish up with offering some general advice on how to tackle them.

Miscellaneous [link]

This section is for anything that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the above categories.

For those that just want to see all of our published Marvel Champions articles in one list, here you go (newest articles are at the top).

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