Prized Possession & Detention Center – How To Play Around Them

If you’ve played against Thrawn/Unkar recently, you’ve probably encountered these cards in tandem.  If you weren’t too aware of these cards before facing them across the table, there is a fair chance that they caught you off-guard.  I’ve personally seen several people get extremely tilted by the experience, with cries of “that’s broken!” or “that’s too strong!” not uncommon.

So how do you prepare yourself against this potent duo?  Let’s start by understanding the cards themselves. Continue reading

Australian Nationals 2017 – Tournament Data & Analysis

The Australian Nationals were last weekend and they would be one of the first big tournaments after the release of Empire At War (Polish, Spanish and Nordic Nationals were also taking place last weekend).

They had a total of 99 players in attendance.  In this article we have the full standings of the tournament and top 8 decklists, as well as some brief analysis of the information.  Thanks go to General Games for providing me with the information! Continue reading

UK Nationals 2017 – Tournament Data & Analysis

The UK Nationals were last weekend and a total of 75 players took part to compete for the title of UK Champion.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, but I do have the data from the event.  Thanks go to one of the judges, Steve Stewart, for giving this information to me.

For this tournament, the recently-released two-player decks would be legal.  This creates a very short-lived meta (some have dubbed the ‘two-week meta’), as Empire at War is released in the UK on the 21st September and will completely change things. Continue reading

Empire at War – Top Five Most Wanted

Welcome to our first article on Tabletop Timesinks!  Empire at War has now been released (at least in the U.S.; we’ve got to wait one more week for it in the U.K.!), so we thought we’d share with you our top five most wanted cards from the set.

These lists are not necessarily what we think are going to be the best or most sought-after cards in the set (Ancient Lightsaber is most likely going to be the Force Speed of EaW), but the cards that we personally want to get our hands on and put into decks straight away.

Continue reading