Rhino’s Revenge

Rhino…this poor fella gets used as a training exercise by nearly all Marvel Champions heroes.  By now, you’ve probably beaten him more times than he ever was in the comics.  That’s got to give him some self-esteem issues, so I decided that it was time for Rhino to get some revenge by facing him on the higher difficulties and give him a better chance at winning. Continue reading

Deck Development – Thor (Justice)

When the Thor pack was released I was quite excited to try him out.  With cards like Hammer Throw, Lightning Strike, and a high number of Hit Points, he looks like he would be a powerhouse!  The very same day that I got the pack I tried him out in a multiplayer game with an Aggression build and it was great.  Get Over Here! is a very handy card that lets you trigger Thor’s “Have at thee!” ability, mitigating his poor Hand Size somewhat.  However, the cracks start to appear when trying to use him in solo mode.  Continue reading