The Mad Titan’s Shadow Spoiler

The Mad Titan’s Shadow is releasing soon and Fantasy Flight Games have kindly sent us a spoiler for it!

[Tim] This is a cheap upgrade that characters who change form a lot will probably want to include in their decks, with characters like Ant-Man and Wasp getting even more use from it due to having more than one hero form.  It’s appropriate that Ms. Marvel is featured on the artwork, as she is also a character that changes form nearly every round.

This card will allow you to recover in alter-ego then flip to hero and then be ready to do something.  I can see this card finding a home in Hulk decks as he has a thoroughly miserable time with exhaust effects and never wants to waste a Hulk Smash.  

If your character really needs to make sure that they are ready when they change into hero form, you can include multiple copies of this card to increase the chance of that happening, as even if you draw extra copies you can always put one into play under another player’s control (unless you are playing true solo of course!).  I like this card and am looking forward to trying it out!

[James] Any card that enables your Identity to ready is worthy of closer inspection, and it’s pretty obvious why this is an effect that the designers have tried to keep relatively under wraps. The ready effects we’ve currently seen, outside of hero specific cards, tend to be slightly too expensive, and/or require a triggering condition to be met. At the risk of sounding negative, Ready To Rumble is no exception to this rule.  However, despite some of my initial reservations when I first saw the card, I think it’s my favourite non-hero ready effect to date. 

In essence this card allows you recover in alter-ego but still have access to a basic hero action after you flip. This may not be game changing on its own, but it does mitigate the opportunity cost of having to flip back to alter-ego somewhat. There are other niche uses as well, such as your Obligation forcing you to flip and exhaust during the previous round, but I think the main use will be to recover without losing the ability to also attack or thwart.

Overall it’s a niche but welcome card that can help maintain tempo if you’re taking too much damage and have no other means to heal. It’s also a card that’s worth considering in heroes that like to flip back to alter-ego regularly to make use of abilities and cards they have access to in that form. Ready To Rumble is unlikely to set the meta aflame, but I’m looking forward to trying it out at least.

Thanks again to Fantasy Flight Games for this card spoiler!


Tim & James


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