Gamora Hero Pack Spoiler – Drax (ally)

The Star-Lord and Gamora Hero Packs are just around the corner and Fantasy Flight Games have kindly given us a spoiler for the Gamora pack. So without any more preamble, here it is!

[Tim] I really like how they did the Rocket and Groot allies and I’m glad to see they followed the pattern with the Drax ally.  By printing them as basic cards, you can always keep the team together!

Just like with Rocket and Groot, you have to have the Guardian trait to be able to play Drax.  With 3 Attack and 4 Health, he’s going to either do 12 damage or 9 damage and block for you, which for the cost of 3 is good.  The downside is that this damage cannot be done to minions.  This significantly reduces his versatility, as he won’t provide as help with minion control (which fits nicely with his theme from the MCU films where he just charges off after the main bad guy).

However, even with that limitation I think that Drax is good enough to go in decks that can play him, especially with cards like Knowhere and Blaze of Glory coming in the Star-Lord pack.  Also, let’s be honest, it’ll be fun to try and have a full field of the main Guardians!

[James] With 3 ATK and 4 health Drax presents a nice amount of potential damage before you inevitably throw him in front of the villain to chump block for you. Unfortunately the price you pay for that 3 ATK is pretty high because in addition to the expected Guardians trait limitation, Drax is also unable to attack minions. That 1 THW also leaves him feeling very one note.

Being unable to attack minions just strikes me as odd, and I see nothing on the card that justifies it. That being said he’s a welcome addition for those that want to go all in on Guardians tribal, or just build more thematic decks for Galaxy’s Most Wanted to crush.

Thanks again to Fantasy Flight Games for this spoiler!


Tim & James

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