Character Focus – Black Widow (Part 2)

In Part One we took a look at Black Widow and her cards.  In this part we are going to take a deck for each aspect through the gauntlet of scenarios on Expert difficulty and see how we get on.

The scenarios we are playing are as follows:

  • Rhino (Bomb Scare)
  • Klaw (Masters of Evil)
  • Ultron (Under Attack)
  • Mutagen Formula (Goblin Gimmicks)

If we beat a scenario, we’ll move onto the next one.  If we lose to a scenario, we will try that one again until we either beat it or lose three times.  The first aspect that we are going to use is Justice!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 12
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 15
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 6
Ultron Under Attack WIN 16
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 6
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 16

Black Widow worked very well with Justice.  Ultron and Mutagen Formula are always tough scenarios, so losing once to each of them is not terrible.

My MVP card would have to be Interrogation Room.  With all the little bits of damage here and there that Black Widow does via Widowmaker, Interrogation Room often removed ten or more threat during a game.

With how many cards Black Widow has in play (20+ towards the end of a game), having single copies of cards like Concussive Blow or Stealth Strike was about right, particularly as they complement her three-cost events in her hero cards.

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 9
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 12
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 4
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 6
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 11

Very good record except for against Ultron; I just couldn’t beat him with Aggression!  If I were specifically tailoring the deck for Ultron, I’d include Hulk and try to get his 1 damage to everyone result to trigger more often (by including a larger than normal number of energy resources), but for this gauntlet I didn’t think that Hulk was worthwhile.

My MVP for Aggression was Relentless Assault.  Arguably one of the best cards in the game, it’s no surprise that it really pulled its weight.

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 9
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 13
Ultron Under Attack WIN 14
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 10

Hey guys, did you hear that Leadership is quite powerful at the moment?  This is my second 4-0 run of this series and the second time it happened with Leadership.

My MVP for Leadership was definitely Rapid Response.  It’s already a very good card, but when combined with Black Widow’s Widowmaker ability and Safe House #29 it gets even more powerful (as you can deal damage when you use it and then flip to Alter Ego to get it back straight away).

I know that saying a character is probably best with Leadership isn’t really groundbreaking, but in Black Widow’s case it is probably the truth, just for the Rapid Response / Safe House interaction.

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 10
Klaw Masters of Evil LOSS 6
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 17
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 18
Ultron Under Attack WIN 18
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 4
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 2
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 5

I think that I was unlucky in the Mutagen Formula games, as I really thought that I could pull out a win.  Beating three out of the four scenarios with Protection wasn’t too bad I thought.  Threat was almost always the issue.

My MVP for Protection would have to be Momentum Shift.  Once you’ve got set up a little bit, Black Widow doesn’t end up taking much damage, so to be able to heal and do damage while in Hero form helps out a lot.

Rank Aspect Wins Losses
1st Leadership 4 0
2nd Justice 4 2
3rd Aggression 3 3
4th Protection 3 5

Leadership was the top of the table, surprising no one.  But in Black Widow’s case I really think that it has very strong synergies, rather than just being good due to ally spam being effective.

Rank Scenario Wins Losses
1st Rhino 4 0
2nd Klaw 4 1
3rd Mutagen Formula 3 4
4th Ultron 3 5

Rhino easily beaten as usual and Ultron proving the most difficult overall this time!

Here is my Character Focus league so far:

Character Focus League Table Overall
Rank Character Best Aspect Wins Losses
1st Captain America Leadership 16 7
2nd Captain Marvel Justice 16 9
3rd Ms. Marvel Aggression 15 6
4th Black Widow Leadership 14 10
5th Black Panther Justice 14 10
6th Spider-Man Leadership 14 11
7th Iron Man Aggression 13 14
8th Thor Justice 13 19
9th She-Hulk Leadership 12 19

Black Widow goes into 4th place!  She has the same record as Black Panther, but I placed her higher because she had a 4-0 and he didn’t.

And here’s my table for character & aspect combo results so far:

4-0 Black Widow (Leadership), Spider-Man (Leadership)
4-1 Black Panther (Justice), Black Panther (Leadership), Captain America (Aggression), Captain America (Leadership), Ms. Marvel (Aggression), Ms. Marvel (Leadership), Ms. Marvel (Protection), Thor (Justice)
4-2 Black Widow (Justice), Captain America (Protection), Captain Marvel (Justice), Captain Marvel (Leadership), Captain Marvel (Protection), Iron Man (Aggression), She-Hulk (Leadership)
4-3 Captain America (Justice), Captain Marvel (Aggression), She-Hulk (Aggression), Spider-Man (Aggression)
3-3 Black Panther (Aggression), Black Widow (Aggression), Iron Man (Justice), Ms. Marvel (Justice), Spider-Man (Justice)
3-4 Iron Man (Leadership)
3-5 Black Panther (Protection), Black Widow (Protection), Iron Man (Protection), Spider-Man (Protection)
3-6 Thor (Aggression), Thor (Leadership), Thor (Protection)
2-6 She-Hulk (Protection)
2-8 She-Hulk (Justice)

Black Widow is an effective character for sure, but I just don’t like her playstyle.  Anyway, just Doctor Strange to go!  I’ve got some new ideas for what we’ll be doing once Hulk has been released.



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