Character Focus – Ms. Marvel (Part 2)

In Part One we took a look at Ms. Marvel and her cards.  In this part we are going to take a deck for each aspect through the gauntlet of scenarios on Expert difficulty and see how we get on.

The scenarios we are playing are as follows:

  • Rhino (Bomb Scare)
  • Klaw (Masters of Evil)
  • Ultron (Under Attack)
  • Mutagen Formula (Goblin Gimmicks)

If we beat a scenario, we’ll move onto the next one.  If we lose to a scenario, we will try that one again until we either beat it or lose three times.  The first aspect that we are going to use is Leadership!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 9
Klaw Masters of Evil LOSS 15
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 21
Ultron Under Attack WIN 14
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 11

Ms. Marvel isn’t particularly suited to Leadership because the aspect doesn’t contain any relevant event cards to interact with her Morphogenetics ability.  However, ally spam Leadership is very strong right now and it carried her through to a 4-1 result.

It did take a long time to win most of the games, but it goes to show that Leadership is very good with nearly any character!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 10
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 12
Ultron Under Attack WIN 18
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 3
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 11

Very nearly had a perfect run!  Mutagen Formula can be very harsh depending on your opening three encounter cards.

Knowing that threat was going to be an issue, I threw as many cards as I could that removed threat, even Lockjaw and Heimdall!  This proved to be a good idea and is something that I carried on in my Protection build (more on that below).  Tac Team deserves a special mention as it directly contributed to two of my wins.

I think that Aggression is very good for Ms. Marvel and synergises well with her Morphogenetics ability, as well as Embiggen! and Shrink.

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 8
Klaw Masters of Evil LOSS 4
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 12
Ultron Under Attack WIN 15
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 12

This wasn’t my first run with a Ms. Marvel Protection deck, it was in fact my second.  My first one was an absolute disaster.  Deciding that I was probably doing Ms. Marvel a disservice, I decided that I would give it another try.

I went back to the drawing board with my decklist and applied the same method as I did for my Aggression decklist (everything that could possibly remove threat went into the deck!).  The difference was night and day!

Heimdall and Red Dagger were thwarting machines, particularly when backed up by Med Teams keeping them healthy!  Energy Barriers and stun effects from Iron Fist, Mockingbird, and Tackle meant that I could stay in Hero form longer.  Overall it was a lot more effective than my previous effort and I think that I may have turned a corner with my Protection decks.

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 10
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 15
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 11

So it was Justice that let the side down!  I just wasn’t able to beat Ultron as he kept spawning too many drones.  Justice lacks decent minion control and also has probably the worst allies of any aspect.  It can deal with threat though and I only ever lost to damage (so many drones!).

Concussive Blow, Stealth Strike, and For Justice! work really well with Ms. Marvel, so no complaints there.  I’m still not a fan of the Justice aspect though!

Rank Aspect Wins Losses
1st Aggression 4 1
Leadership 4 1
Protection 4 1
4th Justice 3 3

Ms. Marvel did very well across the board, with Aggression being her best aspect in my opinion.  Justice did the worst, but that was because it just couldn’t deal with Ultron’s swarms of drones.

Rank Scenario Wins Losses
1st Rhino 4 0
2nd Mutagen Formula 4 1
3rd Klaw 4 2
4th Ultron 3 3

Rhino again sits comfortably atop the most beaten Villain rank!  Ultron was the toughest to beat for reasons mentioned above.

Here is my Character Focus league table so far:

Character Focus League Table Overall
Rank Character Best Aspect Wins Losses
1st Captain America Leadership 16 7
2nd Captain Marvel Justice 16 9
3rd Ms. Marvel Aggression 15 6
4th Black Panther Justice 14 10
5th Spider-Man Leadership 14 11
6th Iron Man Aggression 13 14
7th She-Hulk Leadership 12 19

So she enters the league in a very-respectable third place and also the fewest number of losses!  While she had three aspects all tied on the same record, Aggression seemed like the best fit for her.  It’s going to become even stronger once the Hulk pack drops.

And here’s my table for character & aspect combo results so far:

4-0 Spider-Man (Leadership)
4-1 Black Panther (Justice), Black Panther (Leadership), Captain America (Aggression), Captain America (Leadership), Ms. Marvel (Aggression), Ms. Marvel (Leadership), Ms. Marvel (Protection)
4-2 Captain America (Protection), Captain Marvel (Justice), Captain Marvel (Leadership), Captain Marvel (Protection), Iron Man (Aggression), She-Hulk (Leadership)
4-3 Captain America (Justice), Captain Marvel (Aggression), She-Hulk (Aggression), Spider-Man (Aggression)
3-3 Black Panther (Aggression), Iron Man (Justice), Ms. Marvel (Justice), Spider-Man (Justice)
3-4 Iron Man (Leadership)
3-5 Black Panther (Protection), Iron Man (Protection), Spider-Man (Protection)
2-6 She-Hulk (Protection)
2-8 She-Hulk (Justice)

Ms. Marvel is a good character and has a strong set of hero cards.  I think that her Morphogenetics ability means that as more events are released her potential only increases.  She’s also very fun to use; I can highly recommend playing with her!



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