Character Focus – Captain America (Part 2)

In Part One we took a look at Captain America and his cards.  In this part we are going to take a deck for each aspect through the gauntlet of scenarios on Expert difficulty and see how we get on.

The scenarios we are playing are as follows:

  • Rhino (Bomb Scare)
  • Klaw (Masters of Evil)
  • Ultron (Under Attack)
  • Mutagen Formula (Goblin Gimmicks)

If we beat a scenario, we’ll move onto the next one.  If we lose to a scenario, we will try that one again until we either beat it or lose three times.  The first aspect that we are going to use is Leadership!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare LOSS 4
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 7
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 11
Ultron Under Attack WIN 8
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 9

I was quite confident going into this with Leadership and then got slapped down by Rhino in the very first game!  I flipped back to Alter Ego on the fourth round to Recover and he schemed out from zero threat!  Thanks, Advance!

That bad dose of RNG aside, this was an absolute breeze.  Leadership is in a very strong position right now with lots of decent allies, and Steve Rogers’ Living Legend ability helped pay for them.

This decklist wasn’t anything fancy, just lots of allies and ways of getting them back into play (Make the Call and Rapid Response).  At the moment I don’t think that there are enough Avenger allies to make Avengers Assemble! and Avengers Tower worth playing, but I’m eagerly awaiting the time when they are, as it’s likely to be a super fun combo deck!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 6
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 10
Ultron Under Attack WIN 9
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 5
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 7

This was a lot of fun!  Jarnbjorn works really well in a Captain America deck as you have repeated easy access to physical resources through two copies of Super-Soldier Serum and one copy of Quincarrier.

Dealing with threat was always the main concern, but thanks to Captain America’s Thwart value of two and easy ability to ready himself, it was managable.  Agent 13 is great at removing threat, and even Lockjaw chipped in occasionally!

This deck was very effective and I’m not sure that I would change anything until the Hulk pack is released (and Aggression gets a massive boost!).

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 7
Klaw Masters of Evil LOSS 6
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 11
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 9
Ultron Under Attack WIN 13
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 9

I abandoned any attempt at a defence-focused build and went with as many stun effects as possible and an ally-heavy build.  Things went well overall, but then it’s Captain America so that’s not saying much.

Agent 13, Black Widow, and Brother Voodoo were never used for blocks, instead they thwarted themselves to death.  Iron Fist was an absolute beast.  Nick Fury and Clea were thrown under the bus at every opportunity.

I quite liked this deck and I think that I prefer this way of playing Protection.  No doubt I’ll get some stick for it though!

Scenario Module Result Rounds
Rhino Bomb Scare WIN 6
Klaw Masters of Evil WIN 11
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Ultron Under Attack LOSS 5
Ultron Under Attack WIN 12
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks LOSS 2
Mutagen Formula Goblin Gimmicks WIN 13

I had a lot more trouble beating Ultron than I was expecting.  Captain America’s Shield gives you Retaliate 1 which is great for dealing with drones as they hurl themselves at you.  Even with that I found myself being overwhelmed on occasion.

I had a second round loss on Mutagen Formula.  Sometimes the extra encounter cards dealt during setup lead to a death spiral, and this was one of those times.

Overall the deck was pretty solid, I just really don’t like Justice!  It’s definitely my least favourite aspect at the moment.

Rank Aspect Wins Losses
1st Aggression 4 1
Leadership 4 1
3rd Protection 4 2
4th Justice 4 3

Aggression and Leadership were my most successful aspects, but all four were able to clear all of the scenarios.  Leadership was basically 4-0 if not for the 0-7 scheming from Rhino.

Rank Scenario Wins Losses
1st Klaw 4 1
Rhino 4 1
3rd Mutagen Formula 4 2
4th Ultron 4 3

Rhino finally has a friend on the most-beaten villain rank.  Enjoy it while it lasts, Rhino, it was a fluke!

Ultron proved the most difficult to beat this time, but was still beaten on the first attempt with two aspects.

Here is my Character Focus league table so far:

Character Focus League Table Overall
Rank Character Best Aspect Wins Losses
1st Captain America Leadership 16 7
2nd Captain Marvel Justice 16 9
3rd Black Panther Justice 14 10
4th Spider-Man Leadership 14 11
5th Iron Man Aggression 13 14
6th She-Hulk Leadership 12 19

To no one’s surprise, Captain America entered the league at the top of the table.  Leadership was the aspect that did the best for him, but I think Aggression was more fun.

And here’s my table for character & aspect combo results so far:

Record (W/L) Character & Aspect
4-0 Spider-Man (Leadership)
4-1 Black Panther (Justice), Black Panther (Leadership), Captain America (Aggression), Captain America (Leadership)
4-2 Captain America (Protection), Captain Marvel (Justice), Captain Marvel (Leadership), Captain Marvel (Protection), Iron Man (Aggression), She-Hulk (Leadership)
4-3 Captain America (Justice), Captain Marvel (Aggression), She-Hulk (Aggression), Spider-Man (Aggression)
3-3 Black Panther (Aggression), Iron Man (Justice), Spider-Man (Justice)
3-4 Iron Man (Leadership)
3-5 Black Panther (Protection), Iron Man (Protection), Spider-Man (Protection)
2-6 She-Hulk (Protection)
2-8 She-Hulk (Justice)

Captain America was excellent in every aspect.  The only character I can see dethroning him in this league is Doctor Strange.

Next week we are going to look at Ms Marvel, an event-focused character with some excellent Alter Ego support cards.



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