Tournament Report – Locals (Legacies Legal)

As the title suggest, at our local event we were able to use Legacies cards.  Even though I’ve got two fairly refined decks in Rieekan Rainbow Mill and Battle Droids, I fancied using something that I hadn’t really tested yet, so I went with Poe and Hondo.

The reason for using these two was that I fancied jumping on the special-chaining bandwagon for a bit.  With that in mind, I included several upgrades with specials on them.  Overall I tried to make a deck that was fast, so that I could use the claim ability on Docking Bay to keep recurring Honor Guard, as well as use the ability on Planetary Uprising.

Round One vs Rachael T (eJabba/Nute/Nightsister)

I knew that Nute Gunray was going to be an ongoing pain, but Nightsister was also annoying, and since she had started taking damage from her own ability, I decided to target her first.  I defeated her on the second round, then took out Nute a couple of rounds later.  That just left poor old Jabba, who I managed to defeat long before I was going to be milled out.  WIN

Round Two vs Chris T (Tarkin/Vet Storm/FOST)

I’ve used Tarkin a few times, so I knew how potent his power action was.  I directed all damage his way, and was able to defeat him round two.  Meanwhile, my opponent’s team was laying down an impressive amount of damage (using Tarkin’s power action just twice still gets you eight damage!).  I managed to kill both Stormtroopers, but ended the game with only four health remaining.  WIN

Round Three vs Mat B (eObi2/eMaz)

Another team that I had used/played against a lot.  In this deck, Obi-Wan is an absolute wrecking ball.  Maz Kanata helps you resolve the big three damage sides on Obi-Wan, so I targeted her first.  Unfortunately, it took me too long to defeat her (round three), by which time Hondo was already down.  Obi-Wan was tooled-up with two Shoto Lightsabers, meaning that after activating he gets three shields every time.  That was too much for Poe to handle.  LOSS

Round Four vs Jason R (ePoe2/eRey2)

My opponent quickly shielded up on the first round, using two copies of Caution.  Hondo got taken out like a punk, dying round two (I guess that my opponent was sick of Hondo extorting his resources!).  I managed to down Rey on the third round, which left it a Poe-off.  While my opponent had the damage lead, thanks to Hondo’s extortions my Poe was tooled-up with three upgrades.  On the final round, both Poes were on three health remaining.  My opponent rolled out first and didn’t roll any damage.  I then activated and rolled out a lot.  Unable to mitigate, my Poe took his out.  WIN

Standings After Swiss

Rank Player Team Wins
1st Rob P eTarkin/e7th 4
2nd Mat B eObi2/eMaz 3
3rd Tim P ePoe2/eHondo 3
4th Rachael T eJabba/Nute/Nightsister 3
5th Jason R ePoe2/eRey2 2
6th Mike H eVader1/Raider 2
7th Chris T Tarkin/Vet/FOST 1
8th Dean C Wedge/Partisan/Partisan 1
9th John G eZeb/QGJ 1
10th Karl B eLuke2/eLando 0

Some interesting new teams on show here, as well as some old favourites.  Locally, we’re all still trying out combinations at the moment, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a totally different set of teams at the next event.

Top Four

Tim P (ePoe2/eHondo) vs Mat B (eObi2/eMaz)

Time for a rematch!  I was nearly put on tilt straight away when my opponent rolled out Obi-Wan and got both sides showing three damage for no cost.  Hondo took the six damage, while I managed a few points on Maz.  Going into round two, I used Hit and Run, activated Poe and rolled out enough damage to smoke Maz.  During the rest of that round I managed to mitigate all of Obi-Wan’s damage, so going into round three it was a much more even battle.  Hondo was taken out during that round, but Poe was now tooled up and Obi-Wan was bleeding.  On the fourth round I managed to deliver a disgusting amount of damage with Poe, winning me the game.  WIN

Rob P (eTarkin/e7th) defeated Rachael T (eJabba/Nute/Nightsister)


Tim P (ePoe2/eHondo) vs Rob P (eTarkin/e7th)

Both decks came out swinging, delivering seven damage each on the first round.  I was focused on Tarkin, but wasn’t able to defeat him until the third round.  Hondo died soon after, which left a severely-wounded Poe versus a full health Seventh Sister.  This sounds like a hopeless situation, but Seventh Sister only had a Sith Holocron attached, and I had two Honor Guard in play, so I was feeling optimistic.  My opponent activated her and rolled out a special on Sith Holocron.  Then on his next action used the special to play out a Mind Probe, rolled it, and got a special, dealing the last four points of damage that he needed!  A very close game.  LOSS

Winning Decklist by Rob P

As you can see from the decklist, this deck uses lots of cheap upgrades (and ones it can cheat into play with Sith Holocron) in order to ensure that you can use Tarkin’s power action every round.  I think that this is probably going to be the best kind of deck for Tarkin at the moment, thanks to Seventh Sister getting to roll in an extra ID9 Seeker Droid die, and blue villains having access to some very cheap upgrades.


All in all, a pretty good first showing from Pondo (Poe/Hondo).  I quite like the pairing, and have already made some changes to the deck since the event.

I’ve added cards like Y-Wing and Canto Bight Pistol for starters, since they both have excellent special abilities.  I’m also trying out Black One since it has a decent special, but I am tempted to use the new Millenium Falcon instead.

Another bundle of cards I’m toying with using are a Bubble Shield package, involving my current battlefield, Docking Bay, as well as Crash Landing and Dangerous Maneuver.  The idea being that you can shunt damage over to Bubble Shield with Crash Landing and Dangerous Maneuver, then once the shield has broken bring it back with Docking Bay.  Not sure if it’s worth devoting that many deck slots to a gimmick, especially as I don’t always get my battlefield, but Bubble Shield might be worth it at the moment just due to how much indirect damage is flying about.  Who knows?

I’ll probably end up writing a Work In Progress article about Pondo, as I think it has potential.  Anyway, it was a fun event and a good excuse to use new cards from Legacies.  We’ve got another event next weekend, so expect another tournament report!



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