Tournament Report – Locals (Q4 Kit)

This time, both of us were able to attend the tournament.  Here in the UK, we were lucky enough to receive some Legacies boosters and starter decks this week, but these wouldn’t be legal for this event.  

Tim: As I hinted in the last tournament report, I was going to use an old team, but updated with Empire at War and the two-player deck cards.

The last time I used Kylo and Vader was back at the European Championships in June.  I only went 5-5 on the day (and beat both Poe/Maz teams that I played!), but I enjoyed using the deck.

Since then, we’ve got some nice new upgrades like Ancient Lightsaber, Crossguard Lightsaber, and Dark Counsel.  Event-wise, I added Clash, Lightsaber Pull, and Sound The Alarm.

Another big change is that I can now play Emperor’s Throne Room as my battlefield, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be turned against me by Poe/Maz decks (32/182 decks at the Euros were Poe/Maz!).  We live in happier times.

Anyway, here is the list that I went with:

Jaydee: As I sit here looking at my Maul card and rest of my Legacies booster pulls (sorry America, but not really that sorry), I remembered that the set is not legal yet. So I decided to use my K-2S0/eKanan deck that I’m using for our league at the moment.

The premise of this deck is to use K2 as well as possible and hope he doesn’t suck.  Sadly his weapon handicap is a painful reminder of a character with a lot of promise that just can’t seem to deliver. K-2S0 being red gives me access to Planetary Uprising and Hit and Run to try and get my turn over ASAP.

Since it’s a local tourney I don’t want to go meta or anything. With K2’s dice being a pretty good melee damage dealer, I want to be able to control its sides so I decided to throw in Concentrate and Clash. K2 can benefit from Makashi Training as long as Kanan is still around. Even with K2’s handicap, I decided to make it very weapon based as I can assemble the scary Rey’s Lightsaber and double Shoto Lightsaber for shield control combo. Also gonna try and exploit K2s re-activate ability, you guys know the one, the ability Ahsoka has access to anytime she wants. Damn K2 really sucks, but I love the artwork. I mean come on what’s the worse than can happen? Famous last words of so many…

Round One

Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs no one

Since we had an odd number of players someone had to get a bye, and that someone was me!  During this round I took the opportunity to play a friendly game with my eSaw/eAckbar deck I’d thrown together.  Didn’t go too bad for a first draft of the list.

Jaydee (eKanan/K-2SO) vs Dan B (Storm/Storm/TIE/TIE)

I thought of this as an instant loss looking at the damage dice and the 4 characters looking at me, and I was pretty much on the mark.  Apart from my luck starting off terribly bad, no damage rolls from Kanan nor K-2S0 nor any dice control cards coming out, this first turn was awful. Kanan took 4 straight off the bat even after my Ewoks Sound The Alarm.

To top it all off none of my cheap upgrades turned up either. Threepio deployed and then Kanan died round two to massive damage.

All that was left was K-2S0 and Threepio which went down faster than a cheap hooker (and not as good neither…or so I’ve heard).  My opponent’s final roll was what I like to call a Godroll as he one-shotted K-2S0. Game ends round 4. LOSS

Round Two

Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs Jack B (ePalpatine)

My opponent won the last tournament with Palpatine (defeating me in the process), so I expected this to be a tough match.  However, during the second round of the game, I was exceptionally lucky.

I’d rolled out one special with Kylo and decided to resolve it.  Out of the four cards in his hand, I managed to reveal a copy of Rise Again.  Boom, five damage!  Later that round after rerolling, I ended up with another special.  I bet you can guess which card I found!  To add insult to injury, I had a discard symbol showing on one of Vader’s dice, so I resolved it, and found Rise Again for the third time that round!

Next round it was simple matter to finish Palpatine off.  WIN

Jaydee (eKanan/K-2SO) vs no one

While I waited, I decided to play against Tim’s Saw Gerrera and Ackbar deck just for kicks, and to see how new stuff stacks up [note from Tim: I was busy playing against Palpatine at this time.  Someone else was borrowing my deck.]. Of course in this game my deck worked perfectly and everything I needed went my way. Classic. Saw is a nasty piece of work to play against and anytime you see him on the field, NUKE HIM! Or Bor Gullet’s master will make your characters pay with his insane damage.

Round Three

Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs Dan B (Storm/Storm/TIE/TIE)

This was going to be a lot of health to chew through!  Having played a version of this team in the past, I knew that the TIE Pilots were the stars of the show, and ruthlessly targeted them first.  I managed to kill one early on during the second round, finishing him off by attaching a Crossguard Lightsaber onto Kylo.  Also during that round, I took out a Stormtrooper (he’d already taken three damage through The Best Defense, so he was low-hanging fruit).

For the next couple of rounds, I managed to kill a character each round.  My opponent managed to get one Endless Ranks off, but by that time Kylo had a couple of weapons and had gone full-emo badass mode.  I sealed the deal with Force Speed special into Clash then two melee damage.  WIN

Jaydee (eKanan/K-2SO) vs Jack B (ePalpatine)

Kanan and K-2S0 came out swinging this time! And knowing Palps nasty dice ability I made sure to mulligan to find my Deflects. Nine damage against Palp first round was a nice start.

But just as in round two Palp saw his death approaching he played Rise Again to prolong his end. Played 2 Planetary Uprising instead of upgrades to simply wear down the single character who now stood with 2 Force Illusions. Palp managed to get Kanan down to 2 health and K-2S0 to 5 with his horrific ability, but in the end K-2S0 managed to re-activate after having Rey’s Lightsaber Bestowed on him for the kill. WIN

Round Four

Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs Clark N (eLuke2/eHan2)

During this round, I should have been paired against someone on two wins, but due to a clerical error and the inflexibility of the software we were using, I got this pairing.  My opponent was a brand new player who had literally got into Destiny a couple of days prior to this event, and only had the new Luke/Han starter deck.  Needless to say, the emo kids made short work of Luke and Han.  WIN

Jaydee (eKanan/K-2SO) vs Karl B (eKanan/Maz/Instructor)

Very close game with my boss, and much on the vein of what our local tournaments are all about; fun. Yes Magic players, it can be done. This game was incredibly close and we both made a mistake that changed the tide of the game. The damage was rolling for K2 and Kanan, but just not enough. Luckily I downed the enemy Kanan round 2 just before he unloaded his damaged-packed dice on us. This was helped by using a Concentrate on Rey’s Lightsaber.

K-2S0 was next with the Jedi Instructor packing all the upgrades and in there a Vibro-Ax, one of the games most underplayed monsters. Though I had managed to get Kanan with a Shoto & Rey’s Lightsaber, it just wasn’t enough to deal with the last minute Millennium Falcon and Maz’s ability to speed things up. Lost in the end by 3 points only, for one of the best and most enjoyable games I’ve had in awhile. LOSS

Standings After Swiss

Rank Player Team Wins
1st Rachael T e7thSister/Royal/Storm 4
2nd Tim P eKylo1/eVader2 4
3rd Loki B eQGJ/eRey1 3
4th Carl W eBala/eCiena/Nightsister 3
5th Dan B Storm/Storm/TIE/TIE 2
6th John G eBossk/Storm/Guavian 2
7th Karl B eKanan/Maz/Instructor 2
8th Jaydee B eKanan/K-2SO 2
9th Curro CR ePalpatine 1
10th Jack B ePalpatine 1
11th Clark N eLuke2/eHan2 0

This event was 7-4 in favour of villains, which also made up three of the top four.  Both Palpatine teams fell on hard times this week, both only managing a win each.

Top Four

Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs Loki B (eQGJ/eRey1)

Knowing how good Qui-Gon is once he gets setup, I decided to aggressively reroll to inflict as much damage as possible.  My opponent played a Shoto Lightsaber before activating Qui-Gon, then later on in the round used Lightsaber Pull to fetch another one (and then play it via Destiny).  Meanwhile, I was pummelling him.

My opponent went after Kylo first, so I started stacking upgrades on Vader.  Early on in round three, I killed Qui-Gon.  He didn’t have any redeploy weapons, so Rey had to start from scratch.  Rey was facing off against two angry Sith, who took her out shortly afterwards.  WIN

Carl W (eBala/eCiena/Nightsister) defeated Rachael T (e7thSister/Royal/Storm)


Tim (eKylo1/eVader2) vs Carl W (eBala/eCiena/Nightsister)

On the first round, I made a target of Bala-Tik.  Going into the second round, Bala was at half health.  I activated Vader and rolled two specials.  My opponent tried to save Bala by using Doubt on one of those specials; I rolled another special!  Deciding not to overkill Bala by resolving another special against him, I attached a Crossguard Lightsaber to Kylo, killing him that way.

Next on the chopping block was Ciena Ree.  She put up more of a fight, dying about the same time as Vader, but Kylo was tooled up at this point, and made very short work of the Nightsister.  WIN


Tim: Turns out that the emo kids have still got some punch left in them.  Okay, fortune was definitely smiling on me today (Kylo’s ten damage against Palpatine in one round was a bit ridiculous), but the sheer amount of damage they can put out is pretty grim.

This was almost certainly going to be our last tournament before we allow Legacies to be fully used.  I managed to get a couple more friendly games in during the day with my eSaw/eAckbar deck.  Quite impressed with Saw Gerrera so far, but my deck definitely needs a lot of refinement.

I’ve also sorted out all of the cards to make my Battle Droid deck, and I’m quite close to having a Doctor Aphra/Tarkin deck done as well, and I want to build a Poe2/Aayla specials deck.  The list goes on and on!  I think that Jaydee and I will have to do an article soon that was similar to the one I did not long after Empire at War was released.

Jaydee: All in all, a fun local tourney.  Amusingly enough, Tim got the first bye and then I got the second. With the year coming to an end, I’m very much looking forward to making my Maul deck and having a blast in our planned January Tournament Tour Binge. As far as my deck went, been able to bestow weapons onto K2 is fun but not easy to pull off most of the time. As it turns out, nothing I’ve tried with K2 saves him from been a old out of date character, even more so now with Legacies released. Kanan on the other hand still stands as one of the best characters in the game, both as support and main. I’ve got a lot of ideas for him with Legacies in mind.


Tim & Jaydee

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