Legacies – Spoiler Review So Far (Part 3)

Welcome to our third spoiler review article, and if the rumours are true, it may well be our last one before Legacies is released!  Over the last week there have been absolutely tonnes of spoilers, with FFG releasing two spoiler articles, as well as many content creators receiving some exclusive spoilers.

As usual, we will rate each of the cards according to the following rating system.

Rating Meaning
5 Great card. Meta-defining; one that features in every deck that can use it, or is a character that you will regularly see in the top tournament teams.
4 Good card. It’ll feature in a lot of decks that can use it, or it will be a build-around card/character.
3 Useful card. It’ll appear in a decent number of decks.
2 Situational. Might be useful in certain decks.
1 Nearly unplayable.  This card is unlikely to ever see play.

Let’s start with the ones from FFG’s first article, The Legacy of the Fringe.

Tim: With three damage sides that don’t cost anything to resolve, I think that even with two blanks and no resource side, Greedo is going to see a decent amount of play.  His ability can create potentially hilarious situations if he’s the last man standing.  I like it! 4/5

Jaydee: Tato-Da Solo? Two blanks don’t fuss good ol’ Greedo much, his damage more than makes up for it alongside his low point cost.  Then throw in that nasty ability and he sounds like a whole lotta fun to play.  3/5

Tim: Another cheap yellow character, and this time it’s Jabba’s right-hand man!  With two special sides, you’re definitely going to be using him for that ability, which makes him probably best played with characters that have big dice like Darth Vader, Sith Lord.  Personally, I’m not convinced that he’s going to be very useful.  2/5

Jaydee: Mr Bib looking creepy as usual. Jabba’s butler looks like one for those soulless mill decks. His lack of damage is nothing to laugh at, as his ability is nasty as hell.  3/5

Tim: Doctor Aphra’s ship!  While it has decent stats for a two cost support (only two damage sides though), it’s the ability that really helps it shine.  It’ll be useful in any deck with a lot of supports, such as a Doctor Aphra themed droid menagerie, or a villain vehicles deck.  3/5

Jaydee: Another nasty low cost support (Kylo’s Starfighter, I’ll get to you!).  Two cost for an amazing ability. Haven’t read any Doc Aphra, so I have no extra love for this, though that is something I plan to change.  5/5

Tim: This is similar to Squad Tactics, but rather than being non-uniques, it’s restricted to yellow characters only.  It has the added restriction that your opponent has to have already activated a character this round.  Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems to awful to me.  1/5

Jaydee: Nice cost event, excellent for mono yellow decks, but I’m not a fan of it.  2/5

Tim: I can see this being useful if you have some big damage sides to resolve but don’t have the resources, but Imperial HQ is probably better for that.  2/5

Jaydee: The Imperial Assault meathead is here again for his second card, which is promising that we might see him as a character in future sets. This is a strange one, and personally with my style of play I don’t see any use for it.  I never like to take two steps back to take a step forwards, especially in this day and age of Destiny where characters can dish out an incredible amount of damage round one.  1/5

Tim: It may be indirect damage, but he’s got two big damage sides.  His special ability is potentially a big damage swing.  At 16pts elite, I think he is very well costed.  Possible partnership with Admiral Ackbar?  5/5

Jaydee: Bor Gullet! The intimidating handicap permit holder looks like a blast! To play, crazy AoE and amazing special, I’m very much looking forward to using him. Threepio thrown into the mix and you could be laughing. 11 Health at 16 points elite is reasonable. This will for sure make me play yellow once again.  5/5

Tim: You maniacs!  You did it!  Ah, damn you!  God damn you all to hell!  Ahem. Anyway, Jar Jar is here for better or worse. His abilities are quite interesting. Rerolling all dice not showing a symbol that he just rolled will not be too dissimilar to playing Sound the Alarm.  The fact that your opponent can take their action to activate Jar Jar means that you can end up with some potentially annoying situations for them, such as disrupting their resources before they’ve had a chance to use them. I think that Jar Jar may find a home in decks with characters like General Rieekan.  3/5

Jaydee: Finally JJ stumbles onto the scene (oh yes, I went there).  Strange little support dice, but seems like he was made more like the fun clown out of the set. I’m sure there is to be some fun moments to be had at local friendly games. But personally I don’t think he will see the light of gameplay much; not only for everyone’s hate for him.  2/5

Tim: Three resources for a support that has three blanks?  The power action helps raise this up a bit, but I really don’t think that’s enough.  2/5

Jaydee: Yes that is a lot of damage but this is much more on the veins of Chance Cube. The price is a whopping 3; that makes it a tricky one to play. That and the fact that it’s a silly Booma from Gungan Warfare. 2/5

Tim: The first neutral character outside of the Rivals set!  With his special ability and a two disrupt side, it seems that Hondo’s aim is to choke your opponent for resources.  However, if the characters that you put with Hondo aren’t damage-dealers, then your opponent is likely to just take the three damage, as they have little fear of being defeated.  For 15pts elite, I think he is a bit expensive for what he does.  2/5

Jaydee: Ah! Hondo in his prime, awesome character either way. Seems like another character made with more fun than meta in mind. Being neutral is awesome, looking forwards to more of these. That special seems like an amusing mechanic. 3/5

Tim: For two resources, this is a bit too random. If consistent deck manipulation becomes a thing, this could see some play, but at the moment this is going to stay in binders.  1/5

Jaydee: Loving this! Looks like a nice little event to use in any situation and any deck.  3/5

Tim: Along with cards like Fight Dirty and Armed To The Teeth, this card has the potential to solidify an event-based damage deck.  While it is unlikely that your opponent is going to go crazy with discards for this, I could see the potential for some shenanigans.  2/5

Jaydee: Another funny mechanic.  Not gonna lie, I don’t see any other use for this apart from a good laugh.  1/5

The next bunch of spoilers are from FFG’s other article, A Legacy of Battle.

Tim: Three good damage sides, and special ability that is a heal/repair, I think Finn is a really solid character.  At 16pts elite, he can pair well with either of the hero characters in the new starter decks.  4/5

Jaydee: Oh my word that’s some good damage sides, and yes he’s still 16 points but this time more than worth them. Fantastic dice and a great special to boost. I’m sure to use this guy once he hits the market. All these specials everywhere is giving Threepio much more of a chance to see more gameplay time. 4/5

Tim: I think this is a quite reasonable removal card, even though it’s initially slow to use.  You are probably going to be able to remove two dice with it before it is discarded.  Along with Honor Guard and Docking Bay, this could be part of a decent removal package.  3/5

Jaydee: Nice little idea for survivability decks out there, and it’s 2 cost actually make it very much worth a look. 3/5

Tim: When an event costs two resources, it has to be pretty good.  I’m not sure that healing for three is really a good deal for two resources, but as part of a deck with cards like Field Medic, Medical Droid, and Ancient Lightsaber, it could be useful. 2/5

Jaydee: Another great red card and the obvious Suppression Field combo is not even slightly hidden. Mill decks will surely look to these to increase their survival rate and bore everyone to death going into time in games.  3/5

Tim: She seems pretty mediocre to me, but we haven’t seen the full list of supports that have damage placed on them (although she could remove some damage from Backup Muscle I guess).  I think she’ll be a filler character.  2/5

Jaydee: Here is our new, and forced Finn sidekick (erm the sidekick’s, sidekick). Looking at her dice she seems less than average, and even her special doesn’t seem so special when most things do so much indirect damage in the set. Even her low point make her pretty much filler. 1/5

Tim: In really tight games, this could clinch it for you.  However, it costs four resources and can backfire very easily.  Personally, I’m not convinced I’d ever put this in a deck.  1/5

Jaydee: Erm…Ok. This is, well…erm…nope I’m speechless (and that’s an achievement). An expensive hail mary against a mill deck maybe? I’m really not seen any advantage to this huge gamble. All I see is a nod to a good film.  1/5

Tim: Really solid die faces, and a power action that is really good, love it!  With that ability you can even turn two blank sides into four damage.  He shares four symbols with General Hux; possible event shenanigans deck?  4/5

Jaydee: The Moff himself is here! This Moffo, (oh yeah!) looks like probably one of the best characters I’ve seen in this game. He can do it all while looking intimidating as hell. His point cost is more than worth everything on his dice and card. Alongside Maul, this guy is surely gonna make it to my villains collection for sure. Looking forwards to seeing him in play.  5/5

Tim: Four resources and no redeploy is a lot, but damn, this card has some impressive sides.  This really leaves Commanding Presence in the dust.  Also, the power action means that the battlefield you bring with you can always be used. This will be great in the right deck.  3/5

Jaydee: HOLY PUDU! This is insane, One With The Force move aside! Master of the Council, LOL. Awesome artwork to boost. This is going to see so much play it’s going to be like a song that gets on your nerves. Expensive? Really don’t think so, plus finding ways to get it into play asap will be a nice challenge. 5/5

Tim: Loads of damage!  His power action might seem a bit strange, but as long as you’ve got a resource, it can always lead to a damage increase.  It can also be used to get a basic damage die into your pool to help you resolve melee modifiers.  Solid damage dealer.  4/5

Jaydee: The guys whose helmet is the same shape as his facial hair, erm go figure. That silliness aside, he is pretty darn cool and this artwork is tha bomb! Also, WTH FFG?! Villains get all the best toys. Kallus is an amazing addition. 18 points for this guy?! He can do it all! He is a tank of a character! How is K-2SO given such a huge handicap while this guy is let loose to cause amazing havox? Kallus welcome to my villains family! 5/5

Tim: For three resources, this doesn’t seem very good value.  However, with characters like General Hux and the new Palpatine, I don’t think you’ll end up paying the full cost.  2/5

Jaydee: Okay, really? 3 cost maybe, but seriously awesome. This can more than sure be an I win button if you correctly. Situational for sure, but with Thrawn in the mix, situational isn’t really a difficult place to get to.  3/5

Tim: I think that this will be handy in decks that dish out a lot of indirect damage.  Cards are fighting for deck space though, so I’m not sure how many other types of deck are likely to want to include it.  2/5

Jaydee: Zero cost for a resource sounds like a win-win kinda card. Not much to say about this. Looks very useful.  The end. 2/5

These spoilers are from Artificery.

Tim: This would have been a pretty good character against FN-2199 before he was nerfed. Now though, he’s still pretty annoying, especially against characters like Rey, Force Prodigy.  You can also mess up character sequencing, activating characters like Rookie Pilot before they’d activated any vehicles.  Eight points and eight health, I think this is a reasonable character.  3/5

Jaydee: Excellent little support character, love the artwork. Pretty cool special ability if you want to keep your opponents characters one step behind. This guy reminds me of old Rey, just all over the place. Kinda unstable dice with a great ability.  2/5

Tim: This is a versatile card that help you easily get rid of annoying upgrades and supports. While you have to remove some of your character dice to do it, getting rid of a problem card is usually going to be worth it.  3/5

Jaydee: Useful for sure in this day and age of vehicles and supports, but paying dice and resources hurt this card. But there are times when that support just has to be destroyed.  I think I still stick to my Rocket Launchers though.  2/5

Tim: A table-flipping wookiee knocking over a bowl of cheetos, excellent.  It’s also nice to see that ‘action cheating’ is kind of being recognised a the term for taking multiple actions.  Anyway, onto the card.  It’s definitely going to be a meta call, as it’s very specific, but it will be a good silver bullet against certain decks.  2/5

Jaydee: Apart from the great artwork this is another very, very situational card that I don’t see been played much. Good against Force Speed and Three Steps Ahead, but that’s being specific.  1/5

These spoilers are from the Three Man Meta podcast.

Tim: Decent dice symbols and values, a special that helps you cycle through your deck, and a decent amount of health for the points.  I think this is a good filler character.  3/5

Jaydee: Regular pleb filler, much better than Rose, but on the same vein of just being there for lack of a better character. Has a great dice though and the point cost is more than fair for his health and ability. 3/5

Tim: This is going to be great for three or four wide villain decks, in a similar way to Flank. Obviously, as the game goes on and your characters start dropping, it begins to lose value, but it’s nearly unconditional removal.  3/5

Jaydee: A made in Taiwan version of Isolation. Nuff said.  1/5

Tim: Another card that generates a resource, but the drawback on this one isn’t too bad.  It’s not as fast as Truce, but a resource is usually worth more than a card, so I think that’s a fair tradeoff.  3/5

Jaydee: I’m never a big fan of color spotting cards, and this doesn’t change my mind on them at all.  1/5

These spoilers were from The Chance Cube.

Tim: Yay, Clone Troopers!  I think that these are really good value for eight points.  Their activation ability can help alleviate their two blank sides, or help out your other characters if you control the battlefield.  Good filler character.  3/5

Jaydee: Yes please.  A pleb for heroes with awesome artwork and background story. Perfect cost with health to go hand in hand with. Nasty ability for red character deck, and Training might be seen a little more play once this guy is here. Awesome dice even with it’s 2 blank sides that will give heroes some cool aggro decks a la Stormtrooper/Phasma to concoct.  4/5

Tim: Another cheap redeploy weapon with decent damage sides.  Not the most flashy weapon out there, but will be useful in a lot of decks.  3/5

Jaydee: Great redeploy weapon that pushed home my point for Clone Trooper decks. Cheap and cheerful with some good sides and I love it.  4/5

Tim: In decks with lots of ranged damage, this card is going to be handy.  Not only does it have the chance to increase your damage, but also resolve a couple of dice before your opponent can mess with them.  3/5

Jaydee: This is a nasty one, and good value. It’s 1 cost is justified by its damage increase for sure. I think this might be a useful little sneak in some good range damage decks from the previous sets. Its synergies with Poe or even it’s main artwork character Baze are not to be missed.  3/5

These spoilers were from Double Blanks Gaming.

Tim: People have been moaning about Kylo Ren, Tormented One, making mono colour decks unplayable, but this has really set them off.  For two resources, you are getting a very potent vehicle.  While I don’t think this and Kylo make it an auto-win against mono decks, it’s definitely going to give you a leg up.  Against multi-colour decks, the special should still score 1-3 damage most of the time.  Really good vehicle.  5/5

Jaydee: Okay it’s synergy is so obvious it’s just stupid, but it’s cost! This is beyond a must, even in deck that don’t use vehicles.  Awesome dice with no real downside make this in my books my favourite vehicle up to now.  5/5

Tim: Lots of damage sides!  But I think for four resources it’s a bit too much, even with the addition of that ability.  2/5

Jaydee: Yes it does cost 4, but that dice is scary to watch roll and that ability is ludicrous. Once again this will be one to play with tricks in mind for cheaper and early deployment. Gad dayme that damage though!  And the neutral part is awesome to behold.  3/5

These spoilers were from Starkiller Base.

Tim: Redeploy makes everything better, but I really don’t like this upgrade.  I think it’s too expensive for what it does.  2/5

Jaydee: This little number I think might have overdone its price a little, but then again it’s special and redeploy are useful in nearly all situations. Though I don’t think it’s good as a aggro weapon it will serve well a more rounded out medium speed deck.  2/5

Tim: Very similar to Cad Bane’s ability, but I’m not sure how useful that is as an event, rather than a character ability.  I think you’d be better served by using Infamous, even though that’s restricted to yellow cards.  1/5

Jaydee: You are now Cad Bane.  This is an aggro deck’s dream for sure! It’s neutral and make it what heroes have been screaming for, after villains have had the monopoly on speed yellow with Cad and Jango. Looking forwards to trying out some fun little teams with this in mind.  4/5

Tim: This is a brutal weapon, especially on a yellow character.  Four resources is a lot for an upgrade, but thankfully this one has redeploy.  I think it’ll see some play.  2/5

Jaydee: Wow, this is scary looking piece of kit thats for sure.  Redeploy alone is fantastic for something this nasty, but that ability makes Wookie Warrior mean something in my eyes. The dice is a monster that anyone playing against it in a mono yellow deck will cry when they see it roll. 4/5

These spoilers were from the I Rebel podcast.

Tim: His ability is interesting; your opponent is either going to be resource choked or mill themselves.  I can definitely see Nute being used in a villain mill deck.  3/5

Jaydee: Good ol’ non-racist at all fish face, of course it is obviously mill deck material. To be honest, the dice will surely have him as the support in a mill deck, but the ability is a nasty one, and it’s been aimed at my yet unplayed multiplayer mode. Artwork is awesome as expected with Destiny material. 3/5

Tim: Not really a fan of this card, but could be useful in a Fight Dirty deck.  1/5

Jaydee: I can never see myself using something like this, and to be honest I’m not too impressed with that dice. Cheap but also also kinda of unnecessary. 1/5

Tim: Digging five cards deep into your deck seems useful, the rearranging them onto the top of your deck seems potentially great value with Our Only Hope.  Shame that it’s hero-only, as it would have been crazy with Friends In High Places.  3/5

Jaydee: Hello there! Hehehe, smooth-talking Obi-Wan, I mean look at him, simply brilliant. This is a good way to get through your deck fast that’s for sure. Great for aggro decks. Not sure if the price sees this being left in the dark. Maybe a zero cost and look at 3 cards instead of 5 would have given it a more alluring aroma, as it stands it’s a little meh! 2/5

At the time of writing, more cards have been spoiled, so expect a part four very soon!


Tim & Jaydee

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