Australian Nationals 2017 – Tournament Data & Analysis

The Australian Nationals were last weekend and they would be one of the first big tournaments after the release of Empire At War (Polish, Spanish and Nordic Nationals were also taking place last weekend).

They had a total of 99 players in attendance.  In this article we have the full standings of the tournament and top 8 decklists, as well as some brief analysis of the information.  Thanks go to General Games for providing me with the information!

For those of you who aren’t too interested in the whole bundle of information, you can skip straight to my summary for the overall info.


Standings After Swiss
Teams Used
Characters Used
Top Cut Results
Winning Decklist
Runner-Up Decklist
Top 4 Decklists
Top 8 Decklists

Standings After Swiss

The number after a character indicates which version of that character was used.  For example, Vader1 refers to Darth Vader Sith Lord, and Vader2 refers to Darth Vader Dark Apprentice.

An asterisk next to the number of wins indicates that the player dropped before the end of the tournament.

Rank Team Wins
1st eKylo2/eFN 8
2nd eThrawn/eUnkar 7
3rd eVader2/ePhasma2 7
4th eKylo2/ePhasma2 6
5th eKylo2/eFN 6
6th eVader2/ePhasma2 6
7th eCad/ePhasma2 6
8th eKylo2/eFN 6
9th eVader2/ePhasma2 6
10th eKylo2/eFN 6
11th eThrawn/eUnkar 6
12th eKylo2/eFN 6
13th Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 6
14th eThrawn/eUnkar 6
15th eThrawn/eUnkar 5
16th eThrawn/eUnkar 5
17th eThrawn/eUnkar 5
18th eKylo2/eFN 5
19th eCad/ePhasma2 5
20th eKylo2/eFN 5
21st eHan/eRey1 5
22nd ePoe1/eMaz 5
23rd eVader2/ePhasma2 5
24th eThrawn/eUnkar 5
25th Unkar/7thSister/Magna 5
26th eKylo2/eFN 5
27th eCad/ePhasma2 5
28th ePhasma2/FN/Storm 5
29th eCad/ePhasma2 5
30th eKylo2/eFN 5
31st ePoe2/Sabine 5
32nd eK2SO/Padawan 5
33rd eThrawn/eUnkar 4
34th eUnkar/FN/Storm 4
35th eKylo2/eFN 4
36th eGrievous/Jango 4
37th eVader2/ePhasma2 4*
38th eKylo2/eFN 4
39th eCad/eFN 4
40th eThrawn/eUnkar 4
41st eCad/ePhasma2 4
42nd eCad/ePhasma2 4*
43rd eCad/ePhasma2 4
44th Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 4
45th eHan/eRey1 4
46th eCad/ePhasma2 4
47th Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 4
48th ePoe1/eMaz 4
49th eThrawn/eUnkar 4
50th ePalpatine 4
51st ePalpatine 4
52nd FN/Royal/Gamorrean 4
53rd eThrawn/eUnkar 3
54th eJabba/eUnkar 3
55th eJabba/eUnkar 3
56th eKylo2/eFN 3*
57th eBala/FN/Nightsister 3*
58th eHera/eMaz/Rookie 3
59th eHera/eMaz/Rookie 3*
60th eThrawn/eUnkar 3
61st eThrawn/eUnkar 3
62nd eKylo2/eFN 3
63rd eBala/eCiena/Guavian 3
64th eThrawn/eUnkar 3*
65th eKylo1/FN/Storm 3*
66th eVader1/Magna 3
67th Dooku/Kylo1/Tusken 3
68th eThrawn/eUnkar 2*
69th eBala/FN/Nightsister 2*
70th eThrawn/eUnkar 2*
71st eSabine/Rey1 2*
72nd Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 2*
73rd eGrievous/7thSister 2*
74th ePhasma1/Storm/Guavian 2*
75th eQuinlan/eJabba 2*
76th eCad/ePhasma2 2*
77th ePoe2/Sabine 2
78th eQuinlan/Inquisitor 2
79th eCad/eFN 2*
80th eInquisitor/7thSister 2*
81st eMace/Padawan 2
82nd eLuminara/eRey1 2
83rd eSnap/Wookie/Wookie 2
84th eVader1/Tusken 2*
85th eKylo2/eFN 2
86th ePalpatine 2*
87th Kylo1/Royal/Gamorrean 2
88th Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 1*
89th eK2SO/Padawan 1*
90th FN/Royal/Gamorrean 1*
91st eLando/Rookie/Rookie 1*
92nd ePoe2/Jyn 1*
93rd eKylo2/eFN 1*
94th eCad/ePhasma2 1*
95th eSabine/eEzra 1*
96th eObiWan/Rey1 1
97th eLuke/Wookie 1*
98th unknown 0*
99th unknown 0*

Looking at the table above, you can see that the players that finished 9th-14th were also on six wins, but didn’t make the top cut.

Also of note is that the highest-ranked hero team was 13th, consisting of General Rieekan, Padme Amidala, and Jedi Instructor.  They won six out of eight games, so maybe they’ve spotted something?

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Teams Used

Rank Team Frequency
1st eThrawn/eUnkar 16
2nd eKylo2/eFN 15
3rd eCad/ePhasma2 10
4th eVader2/ePhasma2 5
Rieekan/Padme/Instructor 5
6th ePalpatine 3
7th eBala/FN/Nightsister 2
eCad/eFN 2
eHan/eRey1 2
eHera/eMaz/Rookie 2
eJabba/eUnkar 2
eK2S0/Padawan 2
ePoe1/eMaz 2
ePoe2/Sabine 2
FN/Royal/Gamorrean 2
16th Dooku/Kylo1/Tusken 1
eBala/eCiena/Guavian 1
eGrievous/7thSister 1
eGrievous/Jango 1
eInquisitor/7thSister 1
eKylo1/FN/Storm 1
eKylo2/ePhasma2 1
eLando/Rookie/Rookie 1
eLuke/Wookie 1
eLuminara/eRey1 1
eMace/Padawan 1
eObiWan/Rey1 1
ePhasma1/Storm/Guavian 1
ePhasma2/FN/Storm 1
ePoe2/Jyn 1
eQuinlan/eJabba 1
eQuinlan/Inquisitor 1
eSabine/eEzra 1
eSabine/Rey1 1
eSnap/Wookie/Wookie 1
eUnkar/FN/Storm 1
eVader1/Magna 1
eVader1/Tusken 1
Kylo1/Royal/Gamorrean 1
Unkar/7thSister/Magna 1

Villains made up 73 out of the recorded 97 teams (75%).  This is a pretty significant disparity between the factions, (60-40 would have been my prediction).

Thrawn and Unkar was the most popular team, closely followed by FN-2199 and Kylo Ren.  Cad Bane and Captain Phasma also had a significant representation, with ten players using that pairing.

The most popular hero team was General Rieekan, Padme Amidala, and Jedi Instructor.  Poe/Maz only had two showings, and the much talked about Sabine/Ezra only one.

Some favourites from the pre-EaW meta were in short supply; there were two Rainbow Nines (eBala/FN/Nightsister), one Vader/Raider, and only one Funkar (eUnkar/FN/Storm), so the teams being used have definitely changed, but what about the characters (see below)?

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Characters Used

Rank Character Frequency
1st FN-2199 24
2nd Unkar Plutt 20
3rd Captain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician 17
4th Kylo Ren, Tormented One 16
Thrawn 16
6th Cad Bane 12
7th Darth Vader, Dark Apprentice 5
General Rieekan 5
Jedi Instructor 5
Padme Amidala 5
Rey, Force Prodigy 5
12th First Order Stormtrooper 4
Maz Kanata 4
Rookie Pilot 4
Sabine Wren 4
16th Bala-Tik 3
Gamorrean Guard 3
Jabba the Hutt 3
Kylo Ren, Vader’s Disciple 3
Padawan 3
Palpatine 3
Poe Dameron, More Than A Pilot 3
Royal Guard 3
Seventh Sister 3
Wookie Warrior 3
26th Darth Vader, Sith Lord 2
General Grievous 2
Grand Inquisitor 2
Guavian Enforcer 2
Han Solo 2
Hera Syndulla 2
K-2SO 2
MagnaGuard 2
Nightsister 2
Poe Dameron, Ace Pilot 2
Quinlan Vos 2
Tusken Raider 2
38th Captain Phasma, Elite Trooper 1
Ciena Ree 1
Count Dooku 1
Ezra Bridger 1
Jango Fett 1
Jyn Erso 1
Lando Calrissian 1
Luke Skywalker 1
Luminara Unduli 1
Mace Windu 1
Obi-Wan Kenobi 1
Temmin “Snap” Wexley 1

No surprises, FN-2199 was the most popular character.  Everyone knows how good he is, and in a competitive environment like a national tournament, you bring your best team.

Unkar Plutt was still a very popular choice (usually partnered with Thrawn), but storming onto the scene were the two-player villain characters.  The new versions of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma are extremely good for their cost, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see them well-represented.

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Top 8

eKylo2/eFN defeated eKylo2/eFN
eThrawn/eUnkar defeated eCad/ePhasma2
eVader2/ePhasma2 defeated eVader2/ePhasma2
eKylo2/eFN defeated eKylo2/ePhasma2

Top 4

eKylo2/eFN defeated eThrawn/eUnkar
eVader2/ePhasma2 defeated eKylo2/eFN


eKylo2/eFN defeated eVader2/ePhasma2

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Winning Decklist

eKylo2/eFN by Blake Moody
Battlefield – Rebel War Room
Upgrades (14) Supports (1) Events (15)
2x Rocket Launcher 1x Imperial HQ 2x Enrage
2x Z6 Riot Control Baton 2x Lightsaber Throw
2x Ancient Lightsaber 2x Boundless Ambition
2x Crossguard Lightsaber 2x Isolation
2x Lightsaber 1x Overconfidence
2x Force Illusion 2x Logistics
2x Vibroknife 2x Doubt
2x Sound the Alarm

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Runner-Up Decklist

eVader2/ePhasma2 by David Leslie
Battlefield – Emperor’s Throne Room
Upgrades (12) Supports (0) Events (18)
2x Dark Counsel 2x Anger
2x Force Illusion 2x Manipulate
2x Force Lightning 2x Boundless Ambition
2x Mind Probe 1x Feel Your Anger
2x Sith Holocron 1x Tactical Mastery
2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol 2x The Best Defense
2x Doubt
2x Rend
2x Sound the Alarm
2x New Orders

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Top 4 Decklists

eThrawn/eUnkar by Braydon Walker
Battlefield – Otoh Gunga
Upgrades (7) Supports (8) Events (15)
2x Personal Shield 2x Salvage Stand 1x One-Quarter Portion
1x Prized Possession 1x Hound’s Tooth 2x Electroshock
1x Crime Lord 2x Imperial Inspection 1x Coercion
2x Armor Plating 1x Detention Center 1x Cheat
1x Vibroknucklers 2x Interrogation Droid 2x He Doesn’t Like You
2x Buy Out
2x Friends In Low Places
2x Confiscation
1x Block
1x Dodge

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eKylo2/eFN by Lindsay Heming
Battlefield – Starship Graveyard
Upgrades (14) Supports (2) Events (14)
2x Crossguard Lightsaber 2x Imperial HQ 1x Clash
2x Ancient Lightsaber 2x Deflect
1x Force Illusion 2x Isolation
2x Lightsaber 2x Boundless Ambition
2x Rocket Launcher 2x Lightsaber Throw
2x Z6 Riot Control Baton 2x Enrage
1x Electrostaff 1x Doubt
2x Vibroknife 2x Logistics

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Top 8 Decklists

eKylo2/eFN by Jonathan Choi
Battlefield – Secret Facility
Upgrades (16) Supports (0) Events (14)
2x Ancient Lightsaber 2x Boundless Ambition
2x Crossguard Lightsaber 2x Isolation
2x Lightsaber 1x Deflect
1x Force Illusion 2x Enrage
2x Z6 Riot Control Baton 2x Doubt
2x Rocket Launcher 2x Flank
2x Captain Phasma’s Blaster 1x Mobilize
2x Vibroknife 2x Logistics
1x Holdout Blaster

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eKylo2/ePhasma2 by Damien Madigan
Battlefield – Rebel War Room
Upgrades (8) Supports (0) Events (22)
2x Force Illusion 2x Feint
2x Hate 2x Tactical Mastery
2x Force Speed 2x The Best Defense
2x Ancient Lightsaber 2x Overconfidence
2x Deflect
2x Force Strike
2x Isolation
2x Lightsaber Throw
2x Enrage
2x Intimidate
2x Doubt

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eVader2/ePhasma2 by Dominic Meyer
Battlefield – Emperor’s Throne Room
Upgrades (11) Supports (4) Events (15)
2x Force Lightning 2x Imperial HQ 1x The Best Defense
2x Mind Probe 2x Drop Zone 2x Dug In
2x Sith Holocron 1x Prepare For War
2x Force Speed 1x First Strike
1x Force Illusion 1x Deflect
1x Force Throw 1x Feel Your Anger
1x Rocket Launcher 1x High Ground
2x Isolation
1x It Will All Be Mine
2x Doubt
2x New Orders

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eCad/ePhasma2 by Will Kerridge
Battlefield – Rebel War Room
Upgrades (10) Supports (2) Events (18)
2x Holdout Blaster 2x Imperial HQ 2x Rend
2x X-8 Night Sniper 2x Doubt
2x LL-30 Blaster Pistol 2x Bait and Switch
1x Relby-V10 Mortar Gun 2x Truce
2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol 2x He Doesn’t Like You
1x Captain Phasma’s Blaster 2x Electroshock
2x Tactical Mastery
2x Dug In
2x Logistics

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The winner was Blake Moody, using Kylo Ren Tormented One and FN-2199.  Congratulations, Blake!

The top eight were:

  • 3x eKylo Ren, Tormented One / eFN-2199
  • 2x eVader, Dark Apprentice / eCaptain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician
  • 1x eKylo Ren, Tormented One / eCaptain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician
  • 1x eThrawn / eUnkar Plutt
  • 1x eCad Bane / eCaptain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician
Hero Villain
Top 8 0 (0%) 8 (100%)
Top 16 1 (6%) 15 (94%)
Top 32 5 (16%) 27 (84%)
Overall 24 (25%) 73 (75%)

As you can see from the table above, there was a significantly-higher number of villain players compared to heroes.  They also performed much better overall as well, with the top eight only containing villains.

FN-2199 was the most-used character, appearing in twenty-four villain teams (33% of all villain teams).

Hopefully you found all this information interesting.  Thanks again to General Games for providing such detailed information.



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